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  • Appropriateness of the outfit for the particular event
  • Originality and confidence
  • Attention to detail with accessories
  • Appreciation of current fashion trends
  • Grooming and deportment
  • Must be 18 or over

Appropriateness of the outfit for the particular event and conditions
• Entrants should dress with the weather in mind ie. if it’s an Autumn raceday, they should dress in appropriate clothing, not in a summer dress;
• A dirt track and surrounds should also be considered, as footwear should be tailored to the conditions. Closed in shoes are preferable for autumn racing dress codes;
• Entrants should not be dressed as if they are going to a nightclub – appropriate daywear is essential.

Originality and confidence
• The entrant’s personality and willingness to think outside the square should be obvious in their outfit;
• They should look confident and happy in their outfit and wear something that makes them stand out in a positive manner.

Attention to detail with accessories
• Ladies, appropriate headwear is essential as is a men’s tie or neckwear and materials reflect the season, i.e. felt, feathers, wool, net, fabric. *Note straw is more suitable for Spring or Summer racewear;
• The overall picture must be considered in the judging – bag, shoes, gloves, jewellery, hosiery and headwear;
• The entire outfit must be complementary and fit together.

Appreciation of current fashion trends
• Entrants must show that they’re aware of current trends and interpret these trends in their own way;
• Elements of their outfit should reflect current trends without losing the entrant’s personal flair.

Grooming and deportment
• Entrants will be judged according to not only their outfit, but also the way they carry themselves on stage;
• Hair, makeup and behaviour on stage will also be considered by the judges.


(Source: Races SA).